Church Furniture for Tornado-Destroyed Joplin Churches

Save Your Church Money Blog

This past week the Joplin Globe ran a front page article in the Faith section of their Saturday edition.  The primary purpose of the article envisioned by the Globe writer was to share with the many churches of Joplin that were destroyed in the May 22nd tornado about efforts on their behalf by the Save Your Church Money Network.  Church Furniture Partner, as a part of the SYCM Network, is attempting to provide all of the church seating needed for these churches when they are able to rebuild at a fraction of the normal cost.  We are working with generous manufacturers and trucking companies to significantly defray the furnishings, fixtures and equipment costs that will be a part of each of these rebuilding efforts.  We’re excited to see how this will all come together over the months ahead!

Over the years we have heard from churches many times what frustration they experience when nearing the end of a building project.  Inevitably funds are running low, yet they are now purchasing those church furnishing items that are going to be used on a regular basis (seating, tables, classroom items, etc.).  There is a desire to purchase quality church furniture, yet there are little or no funds to do so with.  With the churches of Joplin, this reality will only be multiplied.

One of our favorite realities that we love to communicate to churches is our desire is to help them furnish one quality level over what they would normally be able to do.  Our effort to operate our company with almost 0% overhead, the willingness of our people to work to serve the church with such small mark-up, and our purchasing power with prime manufacturers allows us to save churches money on almost all the furnishings they will need for their project.  While our motto of “Everything for your church but the people” could be a bit of an overstatement, it’s not by much.

Church Furniture Partner would love to provide similar savings for your church as well.  We’d love to hear from you!  Please contact us at any time.