Review: Ghent Spectra Magnetic Markerboards for Your Church

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Whiteboards (markerboards) come not only in many sizes, but they also come in three basic categories.  The least expensive have a melamine surface.  The most expensive have a porcelain surface.  But in between these two levels are whiteboards that will provide you with significantly better performance than melamine while at the same time saving your church substantial dollars over porcelain.

These “in-between” surfaces will have different descriptions from various manufacturers.  One of our favorites is the Ghent Spectra Magnetic Markerboard.  The steel surface will not display the all-too-common “ghosting” that so often characterizes melamine surfaces.  Yet the price of these boards will be far less than those with a porcelain surface.  But even with the saving of dollars, these boards feature a 20 year guarantee.  We have found the Ghent Spectra to be a “best value” for churches today!

At Church Furniture Partner, we are often asked what level of whiteboard will allow a church to practice the best stewardship.  Our advice is always to consider this in-between level of markerboard.  You can realize the best of both factors with the Ghent Spectra.  With the dozens of sizes and options, we don’t have room to share pricing here.  Please contact us for pricing on any Ghent Spectra and be assured that our first price will be the lowest price in the country.