Midwest Church Construction Comitted to Helping Joplin Churches Rebuild

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In the hours before dawn on Christmas morning 1996 our founder received a phone call from Faith Baptist Church in Adrian Michigan; a tragic fire had destroyed the church.  By the grace of God there were no injuries but the building was a total loss.  Midwest Church Design and Construction helped the leadership team see past the smoke and envision a new building and new ministries.  In record time the church was back on site and impacting the area for Christ all within the confines of the insurance settlement.  Midwest Church Design and Construction was there for Faith Baptist then and they are here for the churches in Joplin Missouri today.   

No one plans for an emergency.  If yours was one of the many churches ravaged by the storms, you know only too well the shock of seeing the ruins.  Unless you have experienced it is almost impossible to imagine the feeling of seeing what was once a powerful tool for ministry and home to your congregation reduced to a rain-soaked pile of rubble.   By now you also know the shock after the storm as you continue to navigate the often rough waters of insurance settlements and construction costs.  Add to this the strain of ministering to a community in greater need than ever before and the burden can be almost too great to endure.

Midwest Church Design and Construction has been helping church leaders carry the weight of that burden for more than fifteen years.  Although specializing in church and Christian education space, Midwest Church Design and Construction has deep roots in the fire, wind and water restoration industry.   It is a specialty all its own.  “If helping churches build is hard; helping churches re-build is harder still” says Midwest Church Design and Construction president Ken Miller.

Former Senior Pastor of Maumee United Methodist Church Dan Jackson says “It is very challenging to vision a new facility while the building you know and love is lying in ruins.  It’s just not something you have any experience at and a mistake can cost the church thousands of dollars.  I can’t begin to tell you the value of an experienced partner who knows all of the in’s and the out’s of this process.”  After a fire, insurance adjusters had indicated the sanctuary of Maumee United Methodist remained structurally sound and pushed to settle the claim quickly.  Only upon more thorough investigation of forensic engineers hired by Midwest was it learned that the heat of the fire had actually melted the adhesive laminating the wood beams supporting the sanctuary.  The insurance settlement was adjusted and today, Maumee United Methodist Church worships in a new sanctuary.

After tornados ripped through Milroy Indiana, Moscow Christian Church turned to Midwest to partner with them to rebuild their church.  Recognizing that the tornado had compromised the structural integrity of the building, Midwest brought in an independent insurance adjuster to review the claim.  The result was an increase of almost $200,000 in the insurance settlement.  According to Senior Pastor Mike Riggs “We would never have been able to afford to rebuild if it had not been for the advice of Midwest.”

Unaware of coverage benefits that the church has paid for (and to which they are entitled) many churches receive only a portion of the settlement that they deserve.  Miller says “Too often the insurance company is more concerned with minimizing their own loss than they are with the loss of the church.”   Simply having a partner who will help you to understand the extent of coverage can mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When an electrical fire consumed the sanctuary of the Detroit Free Methodist Church in 2007 the insurance company offered to settle the claim for the cash value of the church.  Midwest Church Design and Construction provided an independent review of the insurance policy identifying additional coverage for demolition, contents, law and ordinance and replacement.  “Identifying the coverage meant our church was able to build a beautiful new sanctuary a new nursery and new classrooms.  Midwest Church Design and Construction will stand with you in support and they kneel with you in prayer.” says Senior Pastor Bill Mulwee.

Midwest Church Design and Construction stands ready to serve the churches of Joplin Missouri.  A Midwest company serving churches nationally, they are only a phone call away from serving you.