Review: Southern Aluminum Linenless Tables for Churches

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A couple of years ago a colleague used a term that I had never heard before.  He was sharing with me about a particular table that was being placed throughout the Hospitality Industry, and he described these tables as being “linenless”.  While the term is somewhat self-explanatory, I asked him to share some further details with me.  We had literally just supplied a large church with 50 or more tablecloths (linens) for their 60″ diameter round banquet tables and the concept of this church not needing those tablecloths, immediately translated in my mind to an opportunity for churches to save money.
I soon learned that one major hospitality company had committed to converting their entire chain of full-service hotels to being linenless.  The savings have been dramatic for their business.  Not only is the initial investment in linens not expended, but regular laundry costs are not incurred.  In addition, replacement expenses for new linens are no longer needed as well.  Other companies are following on the heels of their decision.
While there are now several linenless table options in the marketplace, our opinion is the line Southern Aluminum manufactures should be considered first by churches.  Not only are these tables of the highest quality, but their attractive swirl finish makes these tables our top choice.  They come in a wide variety of sizes, even in the harder to produce 72″ rounds.  In addition, there are several finish options like this copper swirl table.  Not only will you appreciate the amazing lifetime warranty these tables carry, but their aesthetically pleasing appearance will provide a great impression for both your guests and congregation.
Church Furniture Partner is providing these tables across the country to churches at the lowest price.  We’d love to do the same for your church.  Please be sure and contact us for more information.