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Making the phone system extend from the office to the mobile world is one of the great features of a Voice over IP PBX system.  Doing that with style and some great features makes Counterpath’s Bria Softphone an excellent choice.  In testing there are a few more advanced features that not all IP PBX will support, but over all Bria allows great flexibility and services multiple devices.

Bria Softphone Review

Bria by Counterpath Review by WireSpeed a Save Your Church Money IP PBX PartnerThe Bria softphone offers a wide range of features and expandability for your communication needs.  The Bria interface is smooth and almost intuitive interaction with the features of the PBX and softphone.   The integrated contacts with Outlook and the ability to click to call made this an instant hit in our offices.

Remote users loved Bria as well, the iPhone and Android versions worked very well on both platforms.  Integration of contacts make it easy to control the calls and being able to call as if from the office from the mobile phone made contacting customers simple.  The ability to transfer on the phone allows you to manage calls just like being in the office. Depending on the carrier the 3G and 4G coverage was acceptable (it depended on signal quality/strength just as it did on carrier based calls) with SIP, on WiFi the quality of the calls are excellent.  The mobile Codec options

The only negative things to say about Bria revolve on some of the button placements during calls.  Well for most people this is not an issue it did take some getting used to.  The Android options for QoS worked with some success it really is dependent on the router.  The echo cancellation was on by default and almost required to function.  These drawbacks are minor compared the amazing flexibility you will have with Bria by Counterpath.

Bria Softphone Features

Standard IP PBX features

review for Bria Android Softphone SIP client by Wire Speed Hosted IP PBX
Music on Hold
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding

Open Standards Based
Recording Calls
DND Call Management
Conference Calls
Contact Management
Click to Call (PC and Android Integration)

Bria Softphone Price

Free – Try Bria for free with X-Lite on your PC or Mac.
$49.95 – PC Mac and Linux Versions of Bria
$  7.99 – iPhone Version of Bria (+$8.99 for the smaller G729 Codec)
$14.99 – iPad Version of Bria
$  7.99 – Android Version of Bria (+$8.99 for the smaller G729 Codec)

Bria Softphone Links

Free – Try Bria with X-Lite!
PC Version Bria
MAC Version Bria
Android Version Bria
Bria for iPhone (from iTunes)