Toddler Tables and Your Church Nursery?

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Several years ago a customer asked us about a specific item of church furniture she referred to as a “Toddler Table”.  At that time as a company we were just beginning to serve churches across the country.  When I asked her to describe what this particular table looked like, her response was something like, “They’re great!  The toddlers sit in the middle of the table and love it!  We want one for our church nursery!”

With her enthusiasm for this table so evident, I began to search for it as an item we could offer churches from Church Furniture Partner.  It did not take me long!  I quickly learned how Glenn Holland, a former pastor, had invented the “Toddler Table” for his own church.  He saw a need in his own church nursery and came up with a solution in his own garage.  Over time he assisted other churches and eventually started his own company, aptly named Toddler Tables.  I contacted Glenn and soon after, Church Furniture Partner began offering these tables to the church community across the country.

The basic version of this table comes in several sizes, but we have found the four-seater, the six-seater, and the eight-seater to be most popular with churches.  Churches have a choice of six different table top finishes and three different colors for the integrated poly seats.  Tables are generally produced within just a few days from the time of order.  They ship throughout the country from North Carolina.

We have become an advocate and endorser of the Toddler Table here at Church Furniture Partner.  We believe your Church Nursery Volunteers will as well!