Top Quality Wood and Metal Church Chairs from Uniflex and Chairs4Worship

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

A few months ago the pastor of a large church contacted us with a need for new chairs for his church.  After several years of growth, they were now running close to 2,000 attendees over the weekend.  Of their five weekend services, three of them were held in their sanctuary which seated just under 500 in pews.  The church had no interest in another building project but were convinced, correctly I might add, that they could increase their church worship seating capacity by moving from pews to church chairs.  That’s where we at Church Furniture Partner entered the picture.

The following week we dropped off several sample chairs from our favorite manufacturers representing different price and quality levels.  Most of the church staff was gone when we were there, so we simply left the chairs with no pricing on them.  Over the coming few days, dozens of people tried out the different chairs.  They had no preconceived notions or ideas as to which chair was most expensive, who manufactured each chair, or even where each chair was made.  All they had was ability to look over the chair and sit on them.

The results were amazing!  The Apex Metal Church Chair from Uniflex and Chairs4Worship was chosen by almost everyone of those asked to share their opinion and top choice.  This domestically produced chair offers spectacular comfort, a very attractive appearance, and a unique uni-body construction.  Please understand this chair is certainly not the least expensive.  But for those churches desiring to consider a first-class church chair with a lifetime warranty, not strongly considering the Apex would be a mistake.

We should also mention that Uniflex and Chairs4Worship also the manufactures the Meridian Wood Church Chair, which is our #1 recommendation for churches wanting a wood frame church chair.  But more on that in our next article!  For now, please be sure and contact us first for more information and the lowest pricing on these quality church chairs.  Our ability to serve you best is assisted by being your first contact.