Automated Tithing for Your Church

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What if you could make good stewardship easy for your members
and your church using automated tithing?

Electronic Tithing (Virtual Tithing) makes it easy for people to give and increases the church’s giving.  Are you missing an opportunity?

If you do not offer the option of online tithing then (in most cases) you are missing an opportunity to increase giving to the church.  There are a growing number of people that attend your church services that do not carry cash or their checkbook (if they even have a checkbook).  These people will most likely support the church financially if the church makes it easy for them to give.  By offering the option of giving electronically online you will increase giving to your church if you promote it and the leadership of the church uses the electronic giving system.

Electronic Giving is Affordable

The cost of the eGive turnkey electronic giving service for churches is $29 per month plus 20 cents per gift for ACH (Automated Clearing House) otherwise known as eCheck giving.  In the interest of full disclosure if an ACH payment is returned there is an $8 fee but those are rare and happen less than one half of one percent of the time.  Accepting credit cards costs a little more but will typically more than double your electronic giving and the increase in giving far outweighs the cost.  As you can see offering electronic giving is very affordable.  We suggest you test it out by trying the ACH giving piece and after you have been successfull prayerfully consider if offering giving by credit and debit card is right for your church.  There is never any cost to the giver.

Electronic Giving is Quick and Easy to Setup

The eGive turnkey electronic giving system can be setup by the church in the time it takes to put the eGive button on your web site.  We give you the code and the button and you upload it and you are ready to accept gifts online.  Most churches accomplish this in less than fifteen minutes.  Electronic giving is quick and easy to setup.

Security is Handled By Us

Security is handled by eGive.  All the church has to do is promote online giving.  Skits, flyers, emails, newsletters, announcements, snail mail and many other creative methods are used by churches to promote their electronic giving.

Online giving makes good stewardship easy for the givers and the church.

There is no better time to launch online giving than right now!