Church Nursery Carpets and Faith Based Rugs

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“I love the new rug in my children’s Sunday School classroom!”  That comment and others like it seem to be quite common within churches that place some of the fantastic faith-based and Christian-themed rugs that are available today for children’s environments in churches.   Our two favorite lines at Church Furniture Partner are those available from Joy Carpets and Carpets for Kids.  While these lines overlap a bit in their offerings, overall they are quite distinct and offer churches a broad array of choices.  Here are some reasons for your church to consider adding some of these rugs/carpets to your Children’s Ministry areas:

  • Faith-Based Rugs are a great and easy way to add brightness and color to your Children’s Ministry environments.  This a classic case of “before and after”.   Take a picture of a room before the new rug is in place and then take one after.  The mood and feel of the room changes dramatically for the better!
  • Faith-Based Rugs are very affordable compared to installing permanent carpeting.  When you compare the cost of installing new carpet in a classroom to simply placing one of these colorful rugs in the same room, you will immediately realize what a cost-effective solution faith-based rugs are!
  • Faith-Based Rugs provide a flexibility to change room uses when needed based on size and enrollment.  Most often churches have rooms of various sizes in their children’s areas.  At times there is a need to trade rooms because one class may have a larger number of students.  Being able to move a substantial part of the decor easily can be a significant advantage!
  • Faith-Based Rugs can protect floors underneath them, especially in rented facilities.  Many “portable” churches need to take special care to protect the facilities they are using on the weekend.  Faith-based rugs provide a similar portable protection!
  • And most importantly, Faith-Based Rugs teach Biblical principles.  Browse through the various offerings from Joy Carpets and Carpets for Kids and you cannot help but see the potential for assistance in teaching Biblical principles for your Children’s Ministry volunteers.  Faith-based rugs are simply a great tool!

Church Furniture Partner is pleased to be a provider of both major lines of Faith-Based Rugs.  We’d love to assist you in choosing the perfect rug at the lowest price for your church!