Review: Cheap Hercules Church Chairs from Bizchair & Others

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

For several years the church worship seating market was dominated by a number of manufacturers who offered similar lines of chairs.  While there were significant differences in styling, fabric choices, and the number of options each manufacturer offered, overall the commonalities of church chairs outweighed the variances.

A few years ago a major development took place when the imported Hercules Brand of worship chairs began hitting the American market through Bizchair.  And since that time, other dealers have begun to carry the Hercules line-up as the importer broadened their distribution system.  We at Church Furniture Partner are within that system.

We’re often asked for our overall assessment of the Hercules Worship Chair by churches since we carry Hercules along with several other worship seating lines.  While the following list of pros and cons is not intended to be exhaustive, it does highlight our primary experience.  We encourage you to consider each of the issues raised below.

  • Price:  The value-level Hercules Worship Chair is generally a few dollars less than the value-level chair models available from other manufacturers.  So we give the advantage on price to the Hercules Chair.
  • Assembly:  The Hercules Worship Chair requires some assembly of the chairs by the church.  Basically the backs of the chairs have to be attached to the seats of the chairs through a series of screws.  One of our staff has visited the distribution warehouse where the Hercules Worship Chair ships from and there first-hand observed a great amount of skids of Hercules Seats and Hercules Backs.  Church Furniture Partner awards the advantage on assembly where no assembly is required so Hercules does not win this one.
  • Shipping Costs:  Because the Hercules Worship Chair is not fully assembled, it can ship more compactly thus lowering shipping costs to a degree.  Overall we give the advantage on shipping costs to Hercules.
  • Warranty:  Most church chair manufacturers offer a 25 year to lifetime warranty on the structural (frame) elements of their worship chairs.  Hercules does this as well.  However, separate warranties are in place for the foam in each chair and the fabric for each chair.  Our own experience is that the warranties in these areas are much longer from most manufacturers than on the Hercules Chair.  We give the advantage on warranty to other manufacturers.
  • Comfort:  The Hercules Worship Chair is 18.5″ wide.  Most worship chair manufacturers offer a 20″ wide chair as their entry-level chair.  20″ is considered the standard width for reasonable worship chair comfort.  We give the advantage on comfort to other manufacturers.
  • Ganging:  Worship Chairs need to connect together and the term for that function is “ganging”.  Ganging is a standard feature on almost all worship chairs including the Hercules Chair.  However, we find the ganging device on other manufacturers to be superior and more substantive than the one on the Hercules Chair.  We give the advantage here to other manufacturers.

Church Furniture Partner can supply your church with numerous models of chairs from various manufacturers including Hercules.  If price is your prime consideration, then the Hercules Church Chair is hard to beat.  If other factors carry equal weight to price, then considering other chair options is a reasonable course of action for your church.  Please know though that Church Furniture Partner will provide you the lowest price on each, including Hercules Chairs.

We are ready to help you find the right chair for your church at a price you can afford.