Technology in the Church

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As a pastor’s kid I LOVED technology!  We were the first church in our little town to have a CD player and the first to record sermons to WAV files.  I had the advantage of a pastor (my dad) who was always looking for the next way to communicate the Gospel.  The Church was not always as excited as we were to try something new, but for some reason the enthusiasm carried over and won the day.  The elders/deacons agreed to take the next new idea in stride.

It wasn’t always the same as it is today.   I remember as a young child the churches preaching against television and radio, movies and music.  Now we see churches making Hollywood quality movies!  Television and radio have become an accepted norm.  As for music, I have heard some unbelievable music coming from the church sanctuary, as good or better than any concert.

There are folks in the church that are still “resistant to technology.”  To be honest, technology can be taken to excess in the church.  It can produce countless idols, formed by all these little bits of technology.  As such we have to be careful as we introduce them in to the church.  Not just to avoid “offending a brother”, but to put the emphasis in the correct location:  the technology in our lives correctly focused on Christ.

Recently there was a book written by Christian blogger Tim Challies titled The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion.  His premise covers both the effect of technology on the church and the effect of the church on technology.  While I am enjoying reading this book, I don’t miss the irony of the fact I am reading it on my Amazon Kindle, a joyous little slice of technology.  Still there is one  question that we must face: do we own the technology or does the technology own us?

As you look at integrating Voice-over-IP or other technology into your ministry, be sure to take the time in prayer and worship to keep the focus on Christ.  Seeing Pastors and church elders obsessed with their iPhones and Xbox’s is not a healthy view from any row of the Church.

Romans 1:25
They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.

God created man and allows man to create technology.  It is from God and for our use.  So while we don’t want to run away from technology in the ministry, we need to put the proper control, purpose and use of the technology in place.  Use this opportunity to teach our churches a biblical viewpoint on technology, keeping the focus and praise on the Creator.