Church Furniture Partner is Now Serving Churches!

Save Your Church Money Blog

This past week Church Furniture Partner launched their new website dedicated to saving churches money on all types of church furnishings.  One of their adages when it comes to church furniture is, “everything for your church but the people!” Take some time to peruse their breadth of manufacturers and you will affirm that is certainly the case.  And the great news is that their pricing is almost always the lowest in the country!

However, since dozens of church furniture dealers also claim to have the lowest prices, here are the Core Values of Church Furniture Partner which demonstrate how they’re actually able to live out this claim!

  • Value 1:  Low Overhead

Our ability to save your church money flows from from our passion for zero operating costs for our company.  In place of expensive catalogs, advertising, credit card fees, shopping cart systems, buildings, offices and inventories, your church benefits with the lowest prices.  OUR spending less allow YOUR church to spend less!

  • Value 2:  Church Affinity

Within our own ministries, we have personally led several major church building projects.  We have experienced the challenge of desiring to furnish with excellence and yet save dollars.  We identify with the uniqueness of churches and provide a very first-hand, solution-based viewpoint throughout our interaction with your church.

  • Value 3:  Product Knowledge

While we can access and provide products from literally hundreds of manufacturers, we are forthright in our counsel to churches as to which provide the best value, quality and customer service through our research and experience.  Often they are the products we’re utilizing in our own churches.  We know what works well in churches!

  • Value 4:  The Golden Rule

Frustration with catalog houses and office supply stores as we attempted to furnish building projects in our own ministries is what provided the impetus to start our own company.  We’re going to treat church NOW like we wanted to be treated THEN!  We want every experience for churches with Church Furniture Partner to be a great one!

I hope you’ll be sure and contact Church Furniture Partner for your next church furnishings purchase.