Church Chair Industries Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

Church Chair Industries, a manufacturer of church seating for decades recently filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection.  For a considerable time, the Church Furniture Partner has heard stories from churches that have ordered worship seating, expended down payments, and then waited and waited without resolution for their chairs.  You can read numerous stories here from church customers across the country.

I remember a few months ago having a conversation with the President of a major worship seating manufacturer.  You might think he would welcome the disappearance from the arena of a major competitor.  However his primary concern was how churches who had made down payments and then not received their order would affect the overall worship chair industry.  Down payments protect manufacturers from churches who could place custom orders and then cancel for some reason.  With no penalty for cancellation, the manufacturer would be left with chairs they could not sell.  Down payments are necessary, but if churches feel they may not receive their chairs, then they’re reluctant to make that payment.  But the reality has always been that whenever two parties entering into a contractual arrangement do not keep their word, the fallout is substantial.

Church Furniture Partner has great relationships with church furnishing manufacturers that we know are especially solid in all their business practices.  When it comes to church seating, this is especially true.  And those at Church Furniture Partner are equally well informed.  If your church is looking for worship seating, I would encourage you to contact them.