Southern Aluminum Introduces New Table Trucks

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Southern Aluminum has introduced a phenomenal new line of Banquet Table Storage Trucks.  This new line removes some of the past difficulties presented by the traditional design of tables trucks.  These include the reality that one person could not load or unload the tables easily as doing so involved picking the tables up and placing them on the truck.  In addition table trucks had the potential of tipping if partially loaded.  And probably most importantly, the traditional style of table trucks allowed the tables to slide around while the truck was being moved which provided opportunity for tables to be damaged.

With the new GHD Table Truck Series, one person can load and unload the truck with ease by simply rolling the table up the ramp into the notches or rolling the table down the ramp.  The truck can be fully loaded or partially loaded and can be moved without the tables moving.   The new trucks do not present a tipping factor, nor will the tables slide around which means the tables are protected from damage while loading and unloading.  And these trucks are very easy to maneuver from one location to another.

These innovative table trucks are available from Church Furniture Partner at the lowest prices in the country.  If you have a need for the best table storage system on the market today, please be sure to contact them for a quote.