Church Furnishing Essentials: Attractive Floor Mats

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Whenever I walk into a church I’ve not been in before, I’m immediately drawn to the church furnishings they have in place.  I’m sure that’s mostly because I work with church furniture on an ongoing basis.  But I also believe that a portion of my interest is because of the importance of first impressions.  And one of the amenities that I always notice because these appear first as you enter the building, are the floor mats inside the main entry point.  Do they demonstrate that even with the smaller, less-important areas, this church took the time to make a good decision both in terms of use and appearance?  Or is my impression that someone decided after the fact that people needed something to wipe their feet on?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve become a fan of Cactus MatCactus Mat has served the commercial market, including churches for the past 80 years.  They now have over 2,000 styles, colors and sizes of products.  These include not only entry and logo mats, but also sports, anti-fatigue, safety, food service, industrial and every other type of mat you can imagine.  The selection is literally endless.

If you have any needs for any sort of “mats”, you can download their catalog here.  Their entire line is available at the lowest prices in the country at Church Furniture Partner.  Cactus Mat and Church Furniture Partner, a great relationship that benefits churches across the country!