Wire Shelving for Churches

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Churches never seem to have enough storage space! If you’ve been on a church staff or in church leadership, you  understand my statement totally.  There’s never enough storage room to go around.  However, one of the contributing issues to this shortage often is an inefficient use of the storage space the church does have.  In recent days I have assisted churches with a very cost-effective and efficient solution to maximize their existing storage square footage.

Wire shelving for churches from Oak Street Manufacturing is a great tool to help your church do the same.  I remember initially being surprised at how inexpensive this shelving is.  When I compare its quality and strength to residential products found at home improvement stores, there’s simply no comparison.  Yet, the price for this level of product is actually less.

Wire shelving from Oak Street…

  • Is in stock and ready to ship
  • Has leg posts with end caps and leveling feet in 1″ increments
  • Is able to be assembled without tools
  • Has a durable epoxy finish
  • Can be used in all environmental conditions
  • Has very high strength ratings
  • Can be mobile with the addition of optional casters

Church Furniture Partner handles the complete Oak Street line of products and as is normally the case, currently has the lowest prices in the country.  For all your church furnishings needs, I encourage you to connect with SYCM.