Snap Drape Pipe and Drape Systems

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As more and more churches begin in temporary facilities, there’s often the need to partition some of their physical space.  Perhaps the room is a large one and a more intimate setting is needed to help those attending not feel they’re in a cavernous space.  Or maybe there are no smaller rooms available for nursery use or children’s classrooms though such ministry needs exist.  How does a portable church accomplish such environments in a facility that has to be set up and torn down each week?

The best answer for such settings are pipe and drape systems.  The term “pipe and drape” refers to pipe, which is made out of aluminum or steel, that’s fashioned to easily create temporarily partitioned rooms.  A system begins with steel bases that have fixed or telescopic uprights inserted into them.  Then horizontal pipe sections, again either fixed or telescopic, are used to connect the uprights.  This allows removable drape panels to be hung from the horizontal sections.  The drapes can be manufactured with a top “rod-pocket” that the rod slips through, or with Velcro wraps.  Pipe and drape systems allow a portable church to divide, hide or decorate their environments easily and inexpensively.

Church Furniture Partner recommends Snap Drape Pipe and Drape Systems.  There are many systems available in our day as one would expect.  Some are very crudely fabricated.  Some use fabric that is of poor quality and too transparent.  The Snap Drape system are of great quality and available at a great price from Church Furniture Partner.  They have a great selection of fabrics that allows any church to easily customize their system.  If you need a pipe and drape system, I encourage you to check out Snap Drape from Church Furniture Partner!