Saving Your Church Money on Church Furniture

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Church Furniture Partner continues to demonstrate their ability to save churches substantial dollars on virtually every type of church furniture.  Over the past two years, a significant percentage of churches and non-profits have experienced significant decreases in their charitable contributions.  As a result, the stewardship of every dollar has become more critical than ever and the need for a church partner like Church Furniture Partner has become even more pronounced.

Church Furniture Partner operates with the goal of “ZERO” company overhead costs.  They zealously refuse to print expensive catalogs, purchase paid advertising, pay high credit card fees, own any buildings, stock inventory, and maintain a costly e-commerce shopping card system.  All of their sales representatives are involved in ministries of their own and have other sources of revenue to support their families from.  So by spending less (almost nothing) to operate, SYCM saves churches money on church furnishings like no one else in the country.

Just this past week a church in southern Florida called SYCM to purchase 200 chairs to match some worship chairs they were already using.  The church had already obtained a quote from a local provider and from a national online dealer.  Amazingly, SYCM provided a quote $22 per chair below the local provider and $9.90 below the nationally recognized name.  “How is this possible?” the church asked.  The answer is in the above paragraph (low overhead and almost non-existent profit margins).  These two principles regularly add up to tremendous savings for churches.

I want to encourage you to check out Church Furniture Partner.  See what savings they can provide for your church on the church furniture you need.  I believe you’ll be glad you did so!