National Association of Church Business Administrator’s Conference 2010

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Church Furniture Partner just returned from the National Association of Church Business Administrators‘ (NACBA) Conference, held this year at the Gaylord Palms Conference Center in Orlando, FL.  I’ve always wanted to attend this conference as I’ve thought the resources it would provide would be very helpful to my own church ministry.  I was not disappointed!  The conference was outstanding and I hope I’ll be able to attend again over the coming years.  Our world is changing fast and the implications for churches are numerous.  The resources the NACBA provides are integral in assisting churches to navigate the coming years.

While at the conference, I had the opportunity to connect with several of the vendors at the trade show exhibit.  I was surprised there were really no church furniture manufacturers or dealers displaying in the exhibit hall.  I imagine the high cost of doing so (fees, travel, shipping, personnel, etc.) is the reason for this, but nonetheless I still expected there to be a few.  There were numerous lending institutions and construction companies present, but no church furnishings booths.

I did enjoy connecting with my friends from Midwest Church Construction at their booth.  I have worked with several church builders over the years, but Midwest is my favorite.  If you have any sort of construction project being considered at your church, I would encourage you to be sure to take a look at Midwest.  And for all your church furnishings, check out Church Furniture Partner.  These are two great companies to obtain quality products and services from for your church.