Church Furniture: Four Categories

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As I assist churches across the country with their church furnishing needs, I often share with them my “Four Categories of Church Furniture” theory.   While there are exceptions to every theory, I have found this one rings true across the church furnishings spectrum.  Here’s a capsulized version of what I share with churches.

Churches will inevitably purchase one of four categories or “levels” of furnishings.  Most of the time, the primary determiner of which  level they will purchase is budget.  Churches need to be good stewards of their resources.  Overspending for church furniture is NOT good stewardship.  Understanding the different levels of church furnishings can assist the practice of good stewardship.

  • Church Furniture Category #1 is JUNK! I know “Junk” is not a very sophisticated term, but it accurately describes a level of church furnishings unfortunately.  There’s a lot of furniture on the market that simply does not belong in any sort of church/commercial setting.  But as stated above, low pricing can be especially attractive to churches.   While I cannot list here all the church furniture that I place in this first category, I’m always glad to entertain your questions about what you’re considering.  Just contact me with your questions.
  • Church Furniture Category #2 is VALUE! This is the most purchased level of church furniture.  By “Value” I mean furniture that is well built, but its construction is pretty basic.  Comparably inexpensive materials like steel, poly and wood are used in the manufacturing process.  The design and lines of the furnishings are somewhat simple and plain.  And the number of options and amount of customization that can be added is minimal.
  • Church Furniture Category #3 is Mid-Market! I use the term “Mid-Market” to describe church furniture that does not use high-end exotic construction materials, but offers a substantial ranges of upgrades, options and customization.  In addition, the level of styling moves from somewhat simple and basic to classy and stylish.  I have identified several mid-market manufacturers over the years that I especially love to tell churches about.
  • Church Furniture Category #4 is Design! I use the term “Design” to describe a level of furnishings that only a few churches are able to consider because of cost.  With this level you may pay extra because of who the furniture was designed by.  Materials that have only recently been invented may be used in the construction which will add to the cost.  And almost every fabric or option on the market is available on this level.

Please note that Church Furniture Partner takes great satisfaction in being able to generally move churches one step higher in category, for essentially the same dollars you would pay for the next level down.  As you consider church furnishings, they are consistently a source for great product at great prices.