Introducing Housetop Media

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Church Furniture Partner enjoyed the opportunity last week to connect with Derrick Jeror of Housetop Media.   Derrick is the founder of Housetop Media (their launch took place just a few weeks ago).  Housetop Media’s purpose is to help small to medium sized churches and church plants with technology solutions.   I was immediately drawn to their extremely efficient business model that allows them to keep their business expenses very low. As a result they can serve churches in ways that other companies cannot, such as by offering free design consulting and system training.

Several years ago we started Church Furniture with a very similar set of core operating principles. The result has been the opportunity to save churches a tremendous amount of dollars on church furniture that has then been able to be funneled into ministry. As I dialogued with Derrick, and then later read through his entire website, I can easily envision him doing the same for the Kingdom in the years ahead. I’m looking forward to watching Housetop Media’s ministry develop!