Church Furniture Mid-Year Price Increases?

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Since the stock market tumble in the fall of 2008, most church furnishings manufacturers have essentially frozen their pricing structures.  The rocky U.S. economy of the past 18 month have led to some manufacturers even lowering their list prices overall.  So as the mid-year point of 2010 approaches, Church Furniture Partner carried out an informal survey of many of the leading church furniture manufacturers to determine if prices increases are in our immediate future.

The results?  Only a couple of manufacturers reported their prices would increase mid-year, and then only on select items.  The rest indicated they were prepared to carry their 2010 cost structure through the remainder of the calendar year.  Some shared they do believe there’s a genuine need for increases, but recognize that doing so during these tough economic times would be difficult and even self-defeating.   So Church Furniture Partner believes pricing for the remainder of 2010 will be static for church furniture.  That’s good news for churches!