What is “Contract Furniture”

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The term “Contract Furniture” can be a confusing one.  As I provide counsel on church furniture to churches across the country, the subject of “contract furniture” surfaces.   Essentially contract furniture manufacturing is the production and sale of furniture to large users such as hotels, colleges, offices, etc. that require design level furnishings regularly for multiple locations.   Contract furniture is 100% intended for “commercial” applications.  Contract furniture is of high quality so as to be be able to withstand the level of use and abuse that such applications will experience.  The construction, finishes and fabrics used for contract furniture are of a higher grade than residential level applications.

Churches are a prime candidate for the use of contract furniture.  However, often residential and non-commercial levels of church furnishings are purchased and over time the difference in quality is demonstrated as the level of use exceeds the intended level of use for such church furnishings.  I highly recommend that churches consider contract level furnishings for their high traffic/public use environments.

Church Furniture Partner has access now to over 200 manufacturers and often has been able to assist churches in acquiring contract level furnishings for a residential level price.  I encourage you to contact SYCM for all your church furnishing needs.