Allied Molded Products “Designer” Waste Receptacles

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Designer Waste Receptacles?  Absolutely!  For years waste receptacles were a purchasing afterthought for churches.  New buildings would be constructed or renovations would be completed, and then someone would make a trip to the hardware store and purchase a few inexpensive waste receptacles.  The new building might be beautiful and very well decorated, yet the waste receptacles obviously received little of the thought that had gone into the overall project.  But all this has changed over the years with the increased availability of “Designer” Waste Receptacles.

The term “Designer” simply means the choice of styles, materials, finishes, colors, etc. are numerous and extensive.  As the interior decorating of the church is carried out, perfectly matching waste receptacles can be manufactured to complement the decor of the environment.  There are several manufacturers who provide a limited number of waste receptacles, there are only a few who provide an extensive amount.

Recently I had the chance to connect with Allied Molded Products.  Their product line is amazing and their color choices are literally limitless.  I love this description they provide on their website, “Leading companies know that receptacles and planters come in all shapes and sizes and are a requirement for any consumer oriented business. These same companies know that they have one chance at making a first impression, and the front door of their facilities is where that impression is often made. Allied Molded Products architectural products are enhancing and complementing the brand image these companies look to portray and that is why these companies select Allied Molded as the receptacle and planter manufacturer of choice.” These words can certainly apply to today’s churches equally well.

Church Furniture Partner is now a provider of the entire Allied Molded Products line.  The combination of Allied’s designer products and Church Furniture Partner’s low prices is a winner for churches across the country.  Be sure and check both out!