Church Seating Criterion #5: AESTHETICS

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

What kind of environment will your church chairs be located in?  A more formal traditional one?  Or an edgy casual one?  Your environment will be the number one determiner of the level of aesthetics you will want as you purchase church furnishings.  Let’s take a look at various choices to be made for your church seating.

  • Chair Frames: I believe the most attractive frames are still those made out of wood.  The problem of course is that wood frame church chairs are much more expensive than steel frame church chairs.  There are now a dozen or more metal frame finishes available for churches.  The ability to match chair frame to chair fabric has never been more available for churches.
  • Fabric Choice: Every manufacturer now have standard lines of fabrics as well as upgrade lines.  The reality is that there are also thousands of additional choices from mills around the world.  Choosing from these mills may cost a bit more and take longer to access, but almost all are available.  Some premium fabrics in our day though can double the price of a chair.
  • Chair Backs: The back of a chair is seen more than the seat.  When you’re sitting in a seat, you’ll be looking at back of the chair in front of you.  Do you want to see all fabric as you look forward?  We call this a “covered back”.  However, covered backs do cost more and if your chairs are going to be moved a lot, covered backs tend to provide less handholds and the fabric may wear more as a result.

Enjoy the process of choosing worship seating that perfectly compliments your environment.  And don’t forget, you’ll find great chair aesthetic choices at Church Furniture Partner.