Church Seating Criterion #2: COMFORT

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

Although “cost” is the most heavily weighed church seating criterion, a close second is “comfort”. We like to be comfortable when we’re seated for extended periods of time.  And nothing affects that level of comfort more than the chairs you’re sitting on.  Here are some “comfort” factors to be aware of when purchasing church furnishings.

  • More Padding does NOT Mean More Comfort:  One of the most common assumptions I see well-meaning people make is that a chair with three inches of padding will be more comfortable than a chair with one inch.  This is simply not the case.  Thickness is not as important as quality and contour.
  • All Foam is NOT the Same:  There are many options manufacturers can choose from when selecting the foam quality levels they utilize in their products.  There’s not enough room in this short article to detail all of these options, but quality of foam cannot be overstated.
  • Width of Chairs are Important Considerations:  I recently talked to a church that purchased several hundred chairs because a great price that was offered them.  It was only after the chairs were delivered and paid for, they realized the chairs were two inches narrower than the chairs they decided against.   Never purchase less than an 18″ wide chair for dining and a 19″ wide chair for worship (20″ for worship is the standard).
  • Foam will Only Become Softer:  It’s a fact that foam will never become firmer after you purchase chairs, only softer.  Don’t be overly concerned if the sample chair you have seems a bit stiff.  This likely is a indicator that a higher quality foam is being employed that will serve you better over the long run.
  • Don’t Overlook the Effects of Contour:  Many chairs are simply a flat piece of plywood with foam on top of plywood and fabric or vinyl holding the foam to the wood.  But the human body is not flat as we know so discomfort tends to develop very quickly.  Contour molded chairs with less padding and upholstery will often provide superior comfort.  Testing this principle out before purchase is very important.

As always, there’s much more that could be added to this principle of chair comfort.  I encourage you to work with a church chair provider like Church Furniture Partner.  They can provide you not only great pricing, but wise counsel and sample chairs.