Church Cafe Seating: How High?

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

As I assist churches throughout the country develop their cafe and coffee-shop environments, a major decision each church has to make is what height tables and chairs they’re going to furnish their new project with.  I often find the terms church furniture manufacturers use to delineate the three basic height choices are not familiar to churches.  So here’s a quick basic primer:

  • Dining Height:  These tables are 30″ high and the chairs around them are standard height chairs, which means the seat is about 18″ from the floor.  Certainly this height is most common in all settings.
  • Counter Height: These tables will be 36″ high which is the same height as most kitchen counters.  Chairs are going to have seats that are 24″ from the floor.  This height of tables and chairs is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Bar Height: These tables are the tallest at 42″ high, taking their name obviously from the normal height of bars around the country.  The accompanying seating or stools, are going to be 30″ high.  Most settings will have some bar height tables and stools.

As you furnish out your church cafe or coffee-shop, you will want to consider which heights will be best for your application.  I find most churches will choose two of the above heights and use some of each in their project.  You’ll also want to check out  Church Furniture Partner for great pricing on all three cafe styles of seating.