Flex Back Chairs – Pros and Cons

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

The addition of a “Flex Back” to several models of chairs has become an assumed advantage for such chairs versus models lacking a flex back.  The combination of  this option along with the increased price of chairs possessing this feature would certainly lead church furnishings purchasers to think so.  But is this assumption valid?

Church Furniture Partner conducted a non-scientific survey regarding flex back chairs.  Surprisingly we found that several who had purchased flex back chairs believed they were less comfortable over extended periods of time than chairs without a flex back.  The primary reason given was that because the chair was consistently “flexing” as its occupant moved about, the back of the occupant tended to NOT relax, but actually tense up.  A position of comfort was therefore actually harder to obtain.  In other words, the very thing the flex back chair is intended to provide was perceived by several as NOT being delivered.

I would encourage churches considering flex back chairs to try out several over an extended period of time before making such a purchase.  It may be that you can save the church a considerable amount of dollars, and not sacrifice any comfort features by purchasing standard back chairs.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about flex back chairs.  And if you’re looking for church seating, I encourage you to visit Church Furniture Partner for a great selection and low prices.