Church Sound Booth Chairs that Last!

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

I remember looking disappointingly at the collection of extended height swivel chairs we had collected at New Hope Community Church over the years. There were several different brands and styles that we had obviously tried out and then discarded. All of them had been purchased from a variety of office supply stores and warehouse clubs. And all had broken down from their use by the men in our sound booth. The use was not abusive in any way, rather the chairs we had purchased were simply not of the quality we needed.

I decided it was time to care for this issue once and for all, so I began investigating seating solutions that would last. There were many great products I researched and came to believe would work for us. The problem was each of these solutions were very expensive solutions. I kept looking at church furnishings from manufacturer after manufacturer.

Then I discovered the Elan Drafting Chair from Comfortek Seating.  This extended height chair seemed to promise both the strength we needed and the price we desired.  We tried out a sample chair and loved it.  We ordered three more for our guys and they were very pleased.  Now several years later, every one of these chairs is in perfect condition.  I’m confident none of the Elans will ever join our now disposed of collection of broken predecessors.

For a great price on the Elan Drafting Chair, available in upholstered (10+ quantities only) and non-upholstered versions, you’ll want to check out Church Furniture Partner.