What Size Projection Screen Does Our Church Need?

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The title of this article is one of the most common questions about church furnishings I’m asked by churches. They’re adding projections screens for existing environments in their current building, or they’re needing to plan for a church construction project. What size screen(s) should be purchased?

I have found that there are basically two ways for churches to acquire the answers they’re after:

  • One is to farm out the project to an audio-visual subcontractor/designer. You essentially hire and pay for the expertise of an individual and/or company. My experience is that most of the time you’ll receive good advice and counsel. The downside is that churches often feel obligated to purchase their screens from that same individual or company who served as their “expert” and I’ve seen far too many pay substantially more than they should have for their screens.
  • A second option is to use some of the online planning tools that companies like Da-lite provide free of charge.   In most situations where churches are installing screens, the calculations needed to determine the correct size are really easier than one assumes.  You simply enter the correct measurements and needs for your environment into the tools provided, and you’ll obtain the same recommendations you might pay significant dollars for.  Additionally, you’ll now be able to shop for the best prices on those screens without feeling obligated to anyone but your church.  In most environments, I recommend pursuing this second option first.

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