Built in America!

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The world of church furnishings is no different than the world of manufacturing for other products of our day.  Most companies have chosen to move some or all of their production capacity off-shore.   When the manufacturer controls the off-shore facility completely, I have found that the quality of the product remains somewhat constant.  But when the manufacturer decides to just “contract” for the production of the same product to off-shore companies, the quality  significantly declines.

With that as a backdrop, I’ve noticed recently that several church seating companies are using the phrase “Built in America” or something similar as they market their chairs.  And what exactly does “Built in America” mean?  Most often it means a number of parts and pieces for their chairs, manufactured most likely by a variety of third-party companies, arrived in American and were assembled here and their chairs were therefore “BUILT in America”.

I’m happy to share my knowledge of church furniture with churches across America.  There are some chairs that are produced off-shore that are of excellent quality and a great value for churches!  There are others that are simply not worth being invested in by any church desiring to make a wise purchase.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have on this issue and we’ll do our best to be of assistance.