Protect Your Church’s Data with FireKing

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Fireking Data SafeThe evening news the day before Thanksgiving shared about another church fire.  It seems advent candles were left burning on some church furniture following Sunday services.  Later that evening a fire broke out and by the time it was controlled, the church building was a total loss as well as all contents.

The good news for the church was they were fully insured in regards to their building and church furnishings.  The bad news is their electronic media was destroyed and there were no off-site back-ups.  Basically all church records and their entire database were lost forever.  Did you know that even a hot mug of coffee represents a hazard to electronic media?  Imagine what a major blaze does to such records.

FireKing Data Safes are a phenomenal value given the cost of such a loss for a church.  In a FireKing Data Safe, computer media is protected from fire, dust, magnetic fields, unauthorized access, accidental damage and electrostatics.  Their three hour data safe will maintain an interior temperature of less than 125 degrees Fahrenheit when exposed to fire for three hours at 1925 degrees Fahrenheit.  This same data safe passes not only the Fire Endurance Test, but also the Humidity Test, the Fire and Impact Test and the Explosion Hazard Test which are the most extreme ratings United Laboratories uses.

This type of Data Safe is an amazing and critically important product for churches today.  If the church that burned before Thanksgiving had been utilizing one, the complications from their fire would have been far less.  Others will care for rebuilding the structure and furnishing the building.  But the church will spend years dealing with the ramifications of destroyed records and data.  I encourage you to strongly consider having such a Data Safe in your church.

Please know that Church Furniture Partner now handles the full line of FireKing Products and because of the critical importance, will pass along these products to churches at the lowest prices in the country.   You can contact them for more information.