Dress Up that Courtyard with Ultra-Play!

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Ultraplay TablesSeveral years ago I visited Saddleback Church in California.  I was there to attend a Worship Conference Saddleback was hosting, but as always, I was very attentive to the church furnishings I observed being used.  Probably the #1 impression I had, was how well the expansive outdoor areas at Saddleback were able to be utilized in efficient and attractive ways.

Certainly the Southern California climate enhanced the ability of the crowd to gather outdoors during breaks and meals, as well as evening concerts.   But the furnishings played a substantive role in this enhancement as well.  I loved being able to relax around a table with other conference attendees and enjoy both great weather and wonderful fellowship.

Since then I have noticed a trend nationally of churches incorporating similar areas on their grounds.  This is true even if the climate is one that’s not as year-round friendly as that of Southern California.  And often the furnishings that are being used are those made by Ultra-Play Systems.

Ultra-Play specializes in manufacturing high quality commerical grade outdoor furnishings.   Their lines include picnic tables, benches, receptacles, grills, bleachers, bike racks, etc.  Their products are protected by a unique thermoplastic coating that is amazingly durable and holds its new finish for many years.  It’s great to be able to have these products outdoors all winter in colder climates, and not have them suffer a bit from the environment.  Ultra-Play has become a favorite of mine because of their quality and surprisingly affordable price-points. 

If your church has interest in enhancing your grounds with some outdoor furnishings, be sure and ask for a quote from save your church money as their Ultra-Play pricing is the lowest I have found.  Enjoy those outdoor areas!