Become the Designer for the Table You Want!

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iDesign Table TwoEvery since the onset of lightweight plastic tables, whether those constructed of blowmold plastic or stronger ABS material, churches have gravitated toward them.  The desire for tables that are lightweight, after decades of lugging heavy particle-board core tables through church facilities,  has been huge.  Plastic tables now dominate the church market throughout the country.

While the lightness of these tables have been appreciated by custodians and volunteers across the country, there has been one primary trade-off.  Plastic lightweight tables, while highly functional, are not very aesthetically pleasing.  Colors and surface choices in plastic tables are minimal.  At the same time however, no one wants to go back to the days of heavy tables to obtain a more attractive look.

Enter the iDesign Aluminum Tables from Southern Aluminum.   Architects and interior designers love them for their beauty as well as for their lightweight feature.  This is a niche market for Southern Aluminum because the name is just as it implies.  Gary Vitatoe, Regional Sales Director for Southern Aluminum describes iDesign this way, “iDesign means that you become the designer and tell us what you want.  You pick the shape of the table that you want, the size of table, the leg style, and then the fun begins as your designer influence takes over.  Selecting  the laminate, perimeter edge color, and leg color can be an easy task or it can be overwhelming because of the hundreds of laminate selections available.  As the only manufacturer that will allow the customer to fully design their table(s) to meet their needs, our tables will enhance any room setting in which they are placed.  Conference rooms, dining halls, cafeterias, commons areas, class rooms, break-out rooms, and employee break areas all become transformed into brighter, more crisp and inviting areas when furnished with iDesign tables.  Cost wise, iDesign tables are surprisingly affordable as they are about half of what you would expect to pay for another manufacturer’s table that would be similar in appearance.  That is where all similarities end though as you will also find that because the iDesign table is all aluminum, it weighs up to 40% less than other tables of its type.  These are beautiful and lightweight tables to enhance any setting at an affordable price, all backed by an unprecedented written lifetime guarantee…that’s iDesign,only from Southern Aluminum.

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