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Bean Bags Catching On in Children’s Ministry

It’s been interesting to observe Bean Bags becoming more pBean Bag Church Furniture Partneropular as a substitute for chairs in preschool and elementary ministry environments!  Several recent studies have concluded that bean bags provide a more comfortable and effective learning environment for children.  The first time I read these findings, they caught me by surprise.  My assumption had been that a more structured seating style would produce the superior results.  But additional research has supported the advantage of bean bag seating for children’s seating.

Some time later I learned about Grantco Manufacturing.  Grantco makes a complete line of “soft play” church furniture for children’s ministry.  As a part of that product line, they provide a superior bean bag chair that has proven to be extremely durable with double stitched seams and over-stuffed with beads. The vinyl exterior is easy to clean and disinfect. These bean bags come in multiple sizes and are quite cost competitive.  And despite the significant quality of these bags, they are less expensive than many you will find in department and home furnishing stores.   Many churches are trying out the bean bag option in a select classroom as an experiment.  You may want to do the same!

If you decide to pursue this idea, you’ll want to check out Church Furniture Partner as a source for bean bags.  Their pricing will make bean bags even more affordable for your church.


  1. Hello George – I was wondering what your thoughts are on using fitness balls for seating. I know some schools are doing this currently and also it is becoming a trend in offices. Do you think this is a wise choice or a passing fad? To me it seems like it might be more trouble than actual benefit but I wondered if you had any thoughts on the subject…?

  2. Lee, from what I have observed and read, I think the fitness balls make sense in an all-day environment. “Active sitting” induced by the balls keeps the core muscles active, strengthening the abs and spine and promotes good posture. However, in a church environment where the length of time spent in the same classroom is minimal, I think the inconvenience of the fitness balls makes them questionable if not undesirable. Great question! Thanks!

  3. My church uses this huge monster Bean bags called Comfy Sacks and we all love them.

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