Steffywood Changing Tables

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Church Furniture Changing TableSeveral years ago we built an additional church nursery to help accomodate New Hope’s baby boom.  Our Children’s Ministry Director searched across the country for the most attractive and functional children’s furnishings she could find.  I was surprised when she discovered a small company in Angola, IN, just 25 minutes from where we’re located, that manufactures exactly what she was looking for.  Steffywood is a company I hadn’t even heard of at the time, but they have become one of my favorites.  They have an extensive line of wood products that are entirely made in the USA.  This most often means that maple and oak are the woods used, versus the very common use of rubber-wood when similar products are manufactured overseas, a significant benefit for the customer.

Over the years, because of the numerous building projects we have experienced at New Hope, I’ve had the opportunity to show several visiting building committees through our facilities to assist them with church furnishing ideas.  Almost every time, the products from Steffywood capture their interest.  I’ve seen several churches purchase the same products we have at New Hope such as this changing table.  And I then hear later how much their nursery workers and visitors love them.  It’s a great choice for your nursery.

For the best pricing on the entire Steffywood line of products, be sure and contact Church Furniture Partner for a great quote.  Give Steffywood a close look for your church nursery!