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Sizing Up Children’s Seating

Here’s a chart to help you determine chair sizes for the children in your kid’s ministry.

Children's Seating Chart

If you have a dozen children in a first grade classroom, likely one size chair will not fit each child comfortably.  If their chair is too large, you will find a child antsy.  If their chair is too small, he or she will be quite distracted.  Helping each have a chair that fits their height well will increase their focus and attention.

Chair sizes are measured from the floor to the top of the seat.  Most adult chairs are 18″ high.  While the above chart is helpful, you can also measure from the floor to the back of the knee on children to determine what size chair will work best for them.  You’ll likely be surprised at the variance you’ll find within the same kid’s age group!


  1. I have worked with children for many years, and they are definitely not all the same size just because they are the same age, in the same grade, etc. What a GREAT chart to reference when ordering chairs to best fit the need of each age group. Having a variety of heights allows kids to be comfortable and not feel too big or too small for a “one size fits all” chair!!

  2. We are moving into a new Building and we want to have 200 chairs to set up before moving in as a church. But I want to know is how much is each of those chairs and how much will it cost to have 200 chairs.

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