Faith-Based Area Rugs

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Yesterday my friend and fellow pastor Brad Wotring called. Brad’s church, North Point Community Church of Toledo, OH, is moving to a brand new YMCA through a cooperative arrangement they have engineered over the past two years. On Sunday mornings they’re going to be able to use some outstanding facilities, including an 800 seat auditorium, for a fraction of what it would cost to build a similar facility. North Point’s ministry efforts are going to be enhanced tremendously over the years ahead through this partnership. This is a very exciting time for them!

However, there’s always a downside to every great opportunity. That’s actually what prompted Brad’s phone call. Every week they’ll have to set up environments for their Children’s Ministry. The rooms they’re going to use are rather bland in decor before set-up, plus they have athletic surfaces that will need to be protected (versus the brightness and attractiveness of today’s children environments). Brad simply asked, “Any suggestions George?”

I immediately thought of the new faith-based collection of area rugs from Joy Carpets.  Joy now has 16 distinct Biblical themes integrated into the collection, and each rug comes in several sizes so that any size room is a candidate for their use.  You can place them down each Sunday morning, and both protect the floors underneath the rugs, as well as add bright, captivating Biblical themes to the rooms. It’s really a great solution for many of the “portable churches” of our day.

If you’re interested in faith-based rugs, you’ll want to connect with Church Furniture Partner as the prices you’ll find there will always be the lowest in the country for churches. I’ve seen that be the case several times now with these rugs. So far the Creation-Themed Rug seems to be the most popular one for churches. If you have a moment, let me know which one is your favorite from Joy Carpets.