When Purchasing Church Furniture, Consider Storage Costs

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A while back a friend showed me around his new church building that was then under construction. The new facility was going to include a large multi-purpose room where chairs were going to be put up and then taken down often.  And whenever they were taken down, they would have to be stored.

As we visited more, he shared with me about the actual chair his church was purchasing 800 of. It had an attractive price of $40. I asked a few more questions and learned that the church was building for $130 per square foot. I processed a few numbers in my head and asked him, “What if you could buy a chair that would be far stronger, far lighter, just as comfy, and while it would cost $70 each versus $40, would result in a savings for your church of over $30,000?” His interest immediately became obvious.

Churches can always use storage space, but storage space can be just as costly as people space.  With your church furniture purchases, you will want to consider storage costs as a part of your church furniture worksheet.  You may find like my friend did that you can buy a better product, save on storage space, and experience an overall savings for your church.  I’ve seen it happen many times!