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We’re here to save your church time and money.  If there is anything we can do better or should your church have a need our site does not address, please contact us.  We’re committed to helping your church.

My Name is George Kreger…
During 30 plus years of pastoral ministry, during which five major building projects took place, I personally experienced many times the ongoing challenges that accompany purchasing the multitude of items that are required to furnish a building, as well as those that are a part of the life of a church.  If this is your responsibility within your local church, I am sure my statement resonates with you.  I endured those challenges and frustrations for many years until the following took place.

Several years ago the church I was called to pastor, New Hope Community Church, needed 1200 chairs and 100 tables.  The cost was beyond what we had budgeted.  We pursued several alternative dealers, and styles of chairs and tables, but again found them beyond our financial means.  Eventually though we arrived at a solution.  A small company a member of our church owned agreed to partner with us in order to buy manufacturer direct and pass the savings to the church.  As a result of this partnership we saved thousands of dollars.  As you would expect, we had no problem putting those saved dollars to work elsewhere!  Over the following months, this strategy led to the development of relationships with other partners whose products and services we needed; our church continued to save dollars.

During the following couple of years, fellow pastors began asking us to help their churches out in the same manner and we did so.  Each time without exception, we were able to provide a savings to the church when compared to the prices they had been quoted.  As a result, we decided to offer this same opportunity to interested churches across the country and Save Your Church Money was born.