Marque Church Welcome Centers from OFM on SALE

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Perhaps no item of furniture is more important for churches today desiring to grow, than a Church Welcome Center.  Unfortunately, the variety of options for churches on the market today is really quite limited.  The OFM Marque Series of Church Welcome Centers is one that IS available and provides a number of sizes to fit any church’s setting. Below we … Read More

Crazy Church Chair Test — Comfortek 7701 Wins Again!

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We have shared for years now, that out of the more than a dozen church chair manufacturers and importers the Save Your Church Money Ministry provides chairs to churches across the USA at a savings from, the Comfortek Seating 7700 Series has become our favorite church chair by far.  This recent “Crazy Church Chair Test” by Believer’s Chapel is EXTREME, … Read More

Comfortek Church Chairs SS-661, SS-7701, SS-7711, SS-7721 Lowest Prices

72069-DS1007 72069-DS1005 72069-DS1003

Comfortek Seating produces church chairs that last!  Their 7700 Series of worship chairs has become our #1 recommendation for a church chair that is produced by a true manufacturer (versus a “pretend” one), that also provides comfort, quality and value! Before we share more information on the 7700 Series of Church Chairs below, if you have already carried out your … Read More

OFM Plexi Marque Church Welcome Center Series on Sale

Church Welcome Centers are vital for churches to have in their facilities today, yet the number of viable options on the market that are readily available to churches is quite limited.  The OFM Plexi Marque Series of Church Welcome Centers though is both a great option and readily available. Below you are able to learn more about the Plexi Marque … Read More

9308, 9310, 9354, 9360, 9361, 9364, 9368 Banquet Chair Sale!

NPS 9300

National Public Seating (NPS) produces seating that will last!  The 9300 Series of Banquet Chairs that NPS manufactures is a great example of a chair that possesses fine quality, while at the same time being a chair with great value! You can read more about the 9300 Series Banquet Chair below.  If you are simply desiring the lowest pricing on … Read More

8500, 8502, 8505, 8508, 8510 Stack Chair Clearance!

National Public Seating makes chairs that last!  NPS’s 8500 Series of High Density Stacking Sled-Base Chairs is BOTH a QUALITY Chair and a VALUE Chair! Today more than ever there are many low-quality, even “junk” chairs being touted across the Internet by a wide range of importers!  At the same time though, there are chairs produced domestically that possess prices … Read More