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On December 13, 2012, in Church Seating, by Church Chair Finder Team

$50,000 in Free Church Chairs


In order to demonstrate our new website, Church Chair Finder, we're offering $50,000 in free chairs to churches through August 21, 2013.

Church Chair Finder is a free website designed to make finding the right chairs for your church easy and affordable.  At Church Chair Finder suppliers compete for your business - getting you the lowest price!  No longer do churches need to spend an exorbitant amount of time and money in order to find new church chairs for their sanctuary or worship center.  At Church Chair Finder you simply fill out a quick online form and over the next few days you will receive FREE print-ready church chair quotes from several trusted suppliers.  You can bring these quotes to the decision-makers in your church and then decide which church chairs (and suppliers) to pursue.  You do not have to worry about sales calls from third parties or your email box being flooded with SPAM.  With one simple form submission you will receive up to 5 separate church chair quotes all based on the criteria you selected!  Finding the right church chair and the best price has never been so headache-free.

So churches can learn about us!  We have spent many hours creating a no-hassle way for churches to find the best quality church chairs at the absolute lowest price.  However, as with any new website, we need to introduce people to it so that they can get excited and tell their friends.  It is our hope that your (free) experience with Church Chair Finder will be so rewarding in the time and money you save on church chairs that you will recommend us to other churches -- that is why we're giving away $50,000 in free chairs!

IT'S EASY!  Submit a Church Chair Finder Quote Request (it's free) between now and August 21, 2013.  Take a look at the church chair quotes you receive in your email - when you or your church decision-makers have decided on which chair/quote (or quotes) best fits your church's needs, contact that supplier via the phone number provided on the quote and give them this code: SYCM082113...  And a portion of your chair purchase will be freeYes, it really is that easy.

Each church will qualify for up to $1500 in free church chairs!  To find out how many free chairs your church qualifies for you must submit a quote request, contact one of the suppliers who sends you a quote, and provide the promo code above.  They will let you know how many free chairs your church qualifies for before you make your purchase - every church qualifies for free chairs!!

Absolutely not!  The entire mission of Church Chair Finder is to give you a pain-free, hassle-free, worry-free, and risk-free church chair buying experience.  All of our verified suppliers are required to treat every church with respect and to never engage in any high-pressure sales tactics.

No.  Submitting a Church Chair Finder Quote Request puts you under no obligation to buy or even to contact one or any of the suppliers who provide your church with a quote.  Contacting a supplier and providing them with the promo code will not put you under any obligation either!  Pain-free, hassle-free, worry-free, risk-free!

There is no risk, no obligation, and submitting a quote request is easy and free.  You can submit your quote request now by clicking here or by visiting

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90 Responses to Free Church Chairs from

  1. […] The last thing I want to note is that Church Chair Finder, in partnership with Save Your Church Money (SYCM), is currently offering FREE church chairs.  For details read the article on the SYCM website. […]

  2. Charlotte Griggs says:

    I am looking for used church furniture; we need pulpit chairs and podium. I have no idea what the cost would be but I would like to get it on a payment plan or a layaway plan. We have a very, very, small congregation and this would be my donation to the church. Can you help me find something like this? Please feel free to call me or email. My phone number is 201-281-6729. Thank you.

  3. Shirley Smith says:

    How and what can we do to receive free chairs for our church?

  4. Lorelei Curry says:

    I am looking for 40-50 church chair with pads. We are a new ministry with a small congregation. Please contact with a quotes .

  5. Pastor Grey says:

    We would like to be get involved in your free church chair give away please consider our ministry as good ground to sow into Godbless you

  6. kelly says:

    Looking for any kind of chairs in Minnesota. Are there any churches there that want to get rid of their church chairs? please contact. Thanks! Kelly

  7. Pastor Gary Rogan says:

    we are in need of wine color or maroon chairs that connects together with padding about 300 please

    • Church Furniture Team says:


      Please give one of our team a call at 419.469.6411 and we would be glad to work with you.


  8. Miriam says:

    We are looking 50-60 stackable chairs for our new start up church

  9. jEAN PIERRE says:


  10. Michelle says:

    Hi, we are a new church and we are interested in working with you on the new chairs. Please give me a call at 678-900-9308 or email at You

  11. Eddie Vila says:

    We’re a new church in Cookeville TN. In need of some churc chairs, and pulpit. Please help us if you can.

  12. Cindy says:

    Hi, I need 400 chairs for out church in spain
    Any help welcome
    Thank you

  13. Glenda Hays says:

    We are moving into a new church building and are in need of 125-150 church chairs and a pulpit. I am praying and faith believing that God is going to supply our need. We need help getting these chair and pulpit. I can be reached at I’m praying and expecting a miracle that God will have his way and that our church will be blessed with your help. We are in the last days and we need to reach the lost souls. In Jesus name Amen Thank you and God Bless.

    • Church Furniture Team says:

      Hi Glenda,

      Thanks for your comment. Probably the best course is to invite you to give one of our team a call at 419.469.6411 to see if we can assist.


  14. Hayden Joseph says:

    Need 200 chairs for the voice of the watchman church in Nassau Bahamas

  15. Ali Tofaeono says:

    Please can you help we needs some 100-chairs and also a class pulpit can you help we are growing small church but we are growing in the Lord, help me trying to donate to our church these 100-chairs and a glass pulpit. thanks so much 206-679-3400 and church name New Life Samoan A.O.G location Tacoma WA 253-878-5079 God bless thank you

    • Church Furniture Team says:

      Hi Ali,

      Please feel free to give one our team a call at 419-469-641q to see if we can come alongside you.


  16. Tena says:

    hi, we are a new ministry just starting out in austin, texas and we are in need of EVERYTHING (i.e. chairs, podium, sound equipment, etc…). if god has pricked your heart to sow into our ministry, please feel free to email me at we are good soil and may god continue to bless your harvest for the seed(s) you shall sow! blessings,

  17. Lisa says:

    Hello. We are a small private preschool in need of 35-40 preschool chairs. A 12″ seat height is most desirable. If you have plastic chairs with chrome or steel legs that stack, you have what we need. We have little to no budget due to operating solely on what the little preschool brings in each month. But, we need to replace the 30+ year old chairs and provide safer seating for the children. Can you help us? We are located in central PA. Thank you and God Bless you!

  18. Candace Milller says:

    Hello! I am looking for free used church chairs/pews, podium for our church. We are a very small congregation and are just moving into a new building from meeting in our local community center. Could you please help us find information on where chairs or pews are being given away. Thank you for all of your help!

  19. Tracy says:

    Hi we are small church growing in number and in need of about 100 to 150 chairs and a pulpit. Our pastor has been ill for a while ,but we are still onging church for the lord. We have been in need for several things and chairs and a pulpit is much needed could you please help us. Thank You and God Bless You.!!! Please contact us. at 281-987-1433

  20. Pastor Bobby Elzie says:

    We are a new ministry in need of everything .We are here to serve god and be the church that God intended that Jesus told Peter and the Disciples about. We are in need of Chairs, Pulpit Chairs Sound system, and anything else that you can bless us with . Thank you so much

  21. Debra Lagroone says:

    We have just opened a new church and need approx 400! What a Blessing this would be! Wow, thank you so much! 864-367-2906.

  22. Carlos Estupinian says:

    Hi we are a new church an we need some chairs and pulpit please provide and God bless for this thanks my fhone # is 818 9683603

  23. pr william hlombane says:

    I’m happy to hear about this help our church need 150 chairs I will be glad if you can help us I’m from south africa in bloemfontein please help us as soon as possible

  24. Stephanie Taylor says:

    We are a new ministry out of Tampa, looking for 40 to 50 navy blue padded chairs. Please contact me if you are able to assist. Thank you And God bless

  25. Kim White says:

    Hello and good morning. I know i’m past the date but if by any means there is still a chance for chairs please contact me. Our congregation is small and our sanctuary we are in need of so many things my heart is heavy over it. Im just going to trust and believe in GOD to direct some to us. All Praise be to him.

    Have a blessed day!!!!!!!!!

  26. B. Adams says:

    Our Ministry is presently seeking for pews and chairs possibly free. The ministry experience a terrible water damage. Please contact us at (336) 343-9620. We look forward to your help.

  27. Jeremias Rivera says:

    Our ministry is seeking free pews or chairs if possible.God bless you and please contact me at 856-655-7665. Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Church Furniture Team says:

      Hi Jeremias,

      We will keep our eyes and ears open for a potential solution for your church. Each month we have dozens of churches contacting us who are looking for free pews or free chairs and sometimes things work out. Blessings!

  28. Bishop Tracy Martin says:

    Hello and Happy 2014. I know i’m past the date but if by any means is there still a chance for Faith Temple Worship Center of Spindale NC, 28160 to get chairs please contact me. Our congregation is small and but our sanctuary big we are in need of so many things my heart is heavy over this. Im just going to trust and believe in GOD to direct you all in helping us. ++Bishop Tracy L. Martin.

    • Bishop Tracy Martin says:

      Bishop Tracy Martin call us at 828-395-2057 are church can hold 500people but at this time we need about 50-60 black chairs or navy blue padded chairs….

  29. Hello, we are a small start up Church and we are literally starting out with nothing your Ministry would be a blessing to our congregation. We are desperately in need of about 50 stackable chairs new or used and pulpit

  30. Elder Michelle Wilson says:

    My husband and I are in need of 90 folding chairs. My husband Pastor Derrick and I are starting a new ministry, we asking if someone may help us with folding chairs,also pulpit chairs also if someone know someone who may have extra chairs.. This a new ministry, doing God work for his glory. Thanks in advance First Lady Michelle

  31. Hello we are in need of some chairs possibly blue in good condition and also a desk for the pastor’s office. We are a new ministry and hope you can help us.

  32. Am a member of Mchengautwa CCAP Church and the church has just been built . We need 1000 single seater chairs to suit the congregation.

  33. Minister Onekia Grier says:

    Grace & Peace be unto you,

    I am writing to see if your organization could be of help to our ministry. Our church is in desperate need of 100 chairs for our fellowship hall. The current condition of our chairs are in very poor condition. Some broken and most stained and worn out. I am a Minister at Serenity Baptist Church in Paterson NJ. If you could be of help it would be such a blessing to our church family. Wishing you peace,love, and abundant blessings always.

    • Church Furniture Team says:

      We do not provide chairs directly, the best way to see if someone can help is to call Church Furniture Partner at 419-636-6411.

  34. United Pentecostal Assemblies of Christ says:

    Please contact us if you or your partners have information about Sanctuary chairs.
    Our Ministry is in need of 100-200 for our New Ministry assignment
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    You may contact or assist by mail:
    4514 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
    Atlanta Georgia 30338

    Thank you

  35. Pastor James Wilkins says:

    We’re a small Church looking for any help with Sanctuary chairs. If possible about 200. chairs would be greatly apprenticed;
    Please Contact me Pastor James at 1-757-517-5030. or 804-672-6359 Nehemiah House of Prayer
    Richmond, VA,

    Blessing and Praises

  36. Pastor Jenkins says:

    Hello we are in need of about 50 Church chairs. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. We are a small congregation that believes everything is possible through Jesus Christ.

  37. new church says:

    We are in need of 100 church chairs stackable prefer.

  38. Barbara Jordan says:

    We are a small up an coming ministry and we are in need of a podium and 60 church chairs all help will be a blessing to our ministry


    Looking for chairs for outdoors ministry& outdoors revivals. Have some folding chairs.

  40. Jesus says:

    I am looking for 40-50 church chair with pads. We are a new ministry with a small congregation. Please contact with a quotes .

  41. Carroll Richie says:

    We are new church in Chesapeake, VA and we are looking for 50 church chair. Please send us your best price.

    + Carroll

  42. I am pastor wo looking for 1267.chairs for a new church by faith My # 407 965 8401

  43. keith says:

    looking for 400 padded ,stackablle sanctuary chairs.please don’t respond if you can’t beat standard pricing of 28-30 dollars a chair. thanks

  44. Rev.Jamal Badgett says:

    We are a very small church just starting out and would like to have some chairs about 40-50.
    Thank you. Rev.Badgett.

  45. carnelle noisin says:

    Hi we are in need of 150 chairs and it will be a blessing .thanks may God bless



  47. Larry says:

    I am curious, has anyone received any free chairs?

  48. Aaron asligar says:

    We are building a new building and need 150 chairs grey and a acrylic pulpit. Any tables would be a help. Thanks

  49. pastor wife annie jones. says:

    im the pastor wife annie jones the reason why im writing because we really do need some church benches for our church.MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  50. Evangelist Barney says:

    looking for at least 100 to 150 chairs, podium, pulpit, serving set for the Lord’s supper, just starting a church. Would like info on the free chairs. Located in St Louis, MO.

  51. We are trying to find 200 chairs in good shape that can interlock together.We are endeavoring to start our church,but have very little funds to purchase anything right now.Please e-mail me in response to my request as soon as you can. THANKS

  52. I am pastor Freemam. Our church is a new establish ministry here Nashville TN. We really need help of chairs. Kindly help us.

  53. Veronica says:

    Good morning,

    I am a member of a very small church and I am working to help my church find 100 – 150 banquet chairs in good condition for free. We are located in the Maryland area. Thank you and God Bless.

  54. Hello and good evening. I am establishing a new church in Carrollton,Texas and I am in great need of chairs and or pews with kneelers. Please contact me at 323-715-7733. Thank you so very kindly. I certainly look forward to speaking with you. Goodnight and God bless.

    In His Service,
    Bishop Darrell C. Hartley, D.Min.

  55. Bisop John Matthews sr says:

    Our church is new we are badly in need of pulpit furniture(5 chairs if possible) ,a podium, and approximately. 200 chairs for seating that connects we would be forever grateful if u would help us we could use a communion table also we need these items ASAP may god continue to bless you is my prayer. I can be reached at (314)327-0302 or (314)327-5437 prayerfully submitted
    Pastor-Bishop john Matthews sr.

  56. Bisop John Matthews sr says:

    We are located in east saint Louis,Illinois 62207 our address is 2033 trendley avenue thanks god bless

  57. Felicia Jones says:

    My husband which is the Pastor is in need of 70 chairs for a new establish church that is starting from nothing. We also are in need of a pulpit. We are striving to do the Will of God and making sure that the foundation is laid properly. I have looked and have seeked we thought we had an answer with chairs in another State but when we thought the business was completed there was no finalizing of the business. So if possible if you would help us we would Greatly Appreciate your help, Thanks!

  58. We are looking for some used chair if any can help we will be thankful please call me at 209 808 1301

  59. michael says:

    I am in need if 100 chairs in Tacoma Washington

  60. Apostle Shawn Hylton says:

    I am starting a church need some chair to be donated tomy ministry please help min this season

  61. Apostle Shawn Hylton says:


  62. Carlos Heredia says:

    Hi we have been blessed with a Church that had all pews equipment and podium stripped out! We are in need of Chairs or anything else that we can use! We have very few members at this time! Any help from anyone would be grateful! Thanks in advance Carlos down and n Alamosa Colorado Pentecostal Church on State St. God bless!!!!

  63. Ivette says:

    we are beginning a church and in need of 20 -30 church chairs. As you know it is not easy in the beginning and funds are low.

    Could you please direct us.


    Rev. Hilario and Ivette Celestrin

  64. pastor John Matthews says:

    I am looking for two hundred chairs and matching pulpit furniture asap please help we are located at 2033 trendley in east saint Louis,Illinois I an be reached at 314 327 0302 thanks and god bless waiting to hear from someone

  65. cynthia Rico says:

    Dios les Bendiga, somos una iglesia k reciente empieza y estamos a punto de iniciar sólo k se nos a dificultado obtener sillas para el templo. Andamos en busca de ellas , a un precio ssecible. Gracias y bendiciones

  66. cynthia Rico says:

    Se pueden comunicar con el pastor CandidoRico 9724086628

  67. Macly Payoute says:

    Limbe , North of Haiti

    Hi Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, We have a new building in Limbe North of Haiti. We have more than 2000 members worship the Lord in that Church.We are looking for 1000 Chairs for the Church. Please let us know how you can help. May God bless you a bundantly. Rev Macly : Tel 2393211467

  68. United Haitians Pentecostal Church we are looking & seeking for a donation chairs.and other things can u help us out please the Lord will blessed u

    .please if you do contacts Us by please.
    or call 6177920357.God Blessed u ! United Haitians Pentecostal Church we will keep u in an are prayer. Thank u an advanced. Reverant pastor Romanes L Paul.

    • United Haitians Pentecostal Church we are looking & seeking for a donation chairs.and other things can u help us out please the Lord will blessed u

      .please if you do contacts Us by please.
      or call 6177920357.God Blessed u ! United Haitians Pentecostal Church we will keep u in an are prayer. Thank u an advanced. Reverant pastor Romanes L Paul.

  69. Servant Emmanuel Hayford says:


  70. Pastor March Singleton says:

    We are looking for 50 padded chairs I would love your help with this. THANKS

  71. I am the Pastor of Rehoboth Breakthrough Ministry in Greenwood, Ms. We are in need of a blessing, we need church pews for the ministry can you please help. Contact Pastor Flora or Elder Mack Dukes at (662) 457-1854. May God bless you and thank you.

  72. Berkley says:


    I am a young pastor out of Easton Maryland. We are in need of some nice chairs for
    are church. I asked that you would pray and if God purpose you to help us prepare
    To discipleship leaders please contact me. 443-786-6534.

  73. ricardo recinos says:

    We are moving into a new church building and are in need of 100-150 church chairs and a pulpit. I am praying in faith believing that God is going to supply our needs. We need help getting these chair and pulpit as soon as possible. I can be reach at I’m praying that God will have his way and that our church will be blessed with your help.
    In this last and difficult days we are praying and working as diligent we can to get the job done, please help us and be part of our vision.

    May God bless you
    Pastor Recinos

  74. jean datus says:

    Greeting in the name our lord Jesus .
    I am a young minister in this church that the lord call me to lead we are in dispirit need of help with chairs.
    can you help us with 100 chairs please
    may lord continue to bless you and yours .
    you can Contac me 12425772029

  75. Sally says:

    My daughter and her husband just started a church it’s it need of repairs, they are working so hard at it! They are in need of a lot but right now we need about 75 chairs. They have move out of their home into a camper to start this church, they don’t know I’m doing this I pray that this would be one less worry. God is faithful!!! 601-575-6774

  76. Christopher wright says:

    I pray for this ministry and everybody needs , that good provide . God will provide our need according to his riches in glory thank you for what you do in the name of Jesus . Amen .

  77. How can I donate to you ? To help these ministry

  78. Shelly Sims says:

    hello My name is Shelly Sims,
    I just retired from the US. Army And I am starting a church from the bottom, I need anything from Pulpit to the back door ! I am starting a ministry that will touch lives 365 days a year, all creed and colors. I am humbly and praying that I can get the help we need for this mission ! We need pews, pa system, pulpit furniture will travel to come and get it. Please get in touch with me /912-321-2610

  79. Michelle Mott says:

    I need 50 free church chairs. Our church is a small group that is currently getting set up and most of our funds goes to assist persons in the community, so we have little funds as we are a non-profit organization.

  80. Bro. James Marbury says:

    I would like to start out by say” PRAISE THE LORD”!! Me and my wife have recently started a church. The name is JESUS PEOPLE FOREVER MINISTRY! We are a new Ministry and are in desperate need of chairs and pulpit furniture. I am so excited about starting up I almost want to have the people to bring there own chair! I love JESUS and really want to do something for him IN JESUS NAME! I LOVE HIS PEOPLE that’s why the name of the Ministry says what its all about! I really need help with getting started. I really want to make my lord and Savior proud of me by bringing his people back to him! I need someone to Plant, Someone to Water then I believe GOD will give the increase! GOD BLESS!!!! (256)404-5694

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